• Baseball Splint

    • Stabilizes fractures of the distal phalanx
    • Can be easily molded to give the desired amount of extension or  hyperextension
    • No tape needed
    • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Curved Finger Splint

    • Used in the fractures of the phalanges where extension is required
    • Used to immobilize the joint following dislocation
    • Curved to conform to the finger
    • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Finger Cot

    • Used for protection after injury to the finger tips, especially following amputation
    • Not made with natural rubber latex 
  • Finger Cots


    Lightweight, padded aluminum protects injuries to fingertips and is ideal for use when total finger immobilization is required. Designed for ease of application and removal. 12 pack.

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  • Finger Protector Splint

    • Used for injuries to the finger tips
    • Splints can be bent to any degree
    • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Frog Splint

    • Maintains interphalangeal position for injuries to distal joints
    • Malleable arms fold to hold finger in desired alignment
    • No tape needed


    Available in Sizes:

    XS  |  SM  |  MD  |  LG  |  XL


    The PatientFORM 8″ Thumb Spica is a great solution for wrist/thumb support and immobilization. Constructed of a lightweight, durable material, this brace offers maximum protection.



    Examples of Use:

    • Wrist and thumb sprains and strains
    • Wrist immobilization
    • DeQuervain’s syndrome
    • Post-cast healing


    Product Features:

    • Durable, lightweight material is Lycra-lined for breathability and comfort.
    • Removable and malleable aluminum palmar stay provides support for palmar surface of wrist and extensor surface of thumb.
    • Easy-to-use contact closures

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    Available in 8 Sizes


    The Plastic Finger Splint is designed to aid in the repair of ruptured tendons.




    Product Features:

    • Skintone color.
    • 12 per pack.
  • ThumbGUARD™


    Lightweight protection and stabilization for collateral ligament injuries to the thumb. Constructed with preformed plastic outer shell and thin foam inner-liner. May be trimmed with cast scissors for anatomically correct fit. Ideal for dislocations, collateral ligament injuries (Gamekeeper) and arthritis of the thumb.

  • Wrist/Thumb Wrap


    Wrist/Thumb Wrap Neoprene construction provides compressive wrist support with thumb abduction. One size fits most patients. Right or left. Ideal for soft tissue injuries to the thumb and wrist.