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    The Accord ankle brace III (CL-301) offers more stability than regular ankle supports; providing the foundation for successful ankle injury treatment. It is a low-profile, lightweight device that prevents abnormal ankle inversion, eversion, and rotation while allowing natural, unrestricted dorsi and plantar- flexion. The combination of soft goods with a rigid foot plate and adjustable calf cuff provide unsurpassed levels of control and support. The Accord III also features a detachable posterior panel that stops just below the knee, giving patients the option for added support.

  • Cash Orthosis

    • Designed for anterior spinal fractures or bulging discs
    • For extension of lower thoracic and upper lumbar spine
    • Slide adjustment with molded polyethylene pads
    • Polyethylene can be cut and molded for better patient fit
    • Hook and loop closure
    • Size – Standard
    • Latex Free


    The casual dress offer the same features and quality of the standard Comfortstep orthotics, but are specifically contoured to fit comfortably inside of casual shoes. Available in full and 3/4 length.



    Available in Sizes:

    Regular  |  XL


    The Defender Post-Op Knee Brace offers a simple-to-use design which provides protected and controlled range-of-motion for patients recovering from knee surgery.


    Examples of Use

    • Post-Op/post-injury immobilization with ROM control


    Product Features:

    • Easy-to-use hinge settings (1).
    • Drop lock button (2): 0, 15, 30, 45 degrees.
    • Adjustable struts (3) from 17″ to 28″ length.
    • Quick-release buckles (4).
    • Available in three soft goods styles: Cool Wrap, Cool Pads and Premium Full Foam.


    Call for wholesale pricing.

  • Discovery 1031


    With a 10″ and removable 15″ panel, the Discovery 1031 is esentially the DS-10 minus the side compression panels.


    Customized to fit. Approved by licensed fitter under CMS guidelines


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  • Discovery 12 Premier TLSO


    – Designed to aid in compression fractures, upper back pain, osteoporosis, and kyphosis
    – Adjustable posterior support
    – Reduces pain and helps increase core strength

    Customized to fit. Approved by licensed fitter under CMS guidelines


    Call for wholesale pricing.

  • Foot Drop Splint


    – Designed to aid in drop foot that is secondary to CVA or peroneal nerve palsy
    – Injection-molded polypropylene design is lightweight and fits in most shoes
    – Variable thicknesses for added strength
    – Footplate is easily trimmed for custom fit


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  • Leaf Spring Orthosis

    • Designed to assist ambulation for patients suffering mild to moderate neurological deficit resulting in drop foot
    • Low profile for patient comfort
    • Helps increase dorsiflexion
    • Fits in most lace up shoes
    • Can be trimmed with heat gun or scissors
    • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Miami J® Collar

    • Recommended for immobilization, treatment, and rehabilitation of stable cervical spine injuries resulting from trauma or disease 
    • Polyethylene shell provides rigid support and immobilization in all three planes of motion 
    • Lined with comfortable foam for increased patient compliance 
    • Breathable chin and occipital pads allow air circulation for keeping skin dry 
    • Collar can be ordered with one pad set or two pad sets 
    • Component parts available.  Contact customer service for ordering information.

    Measure from the highest point of the shoulder to the bottom of the chin 

  • TLSO With ATE by Discovery


    – Indicated for burst fractures, herniated or bulging discs, facet syndrome, and spinal stenosis
    – Posterior extends from the sacrococcygeal junction to just inferior of the scapular spine
    – Anterior extends from the symphysis pubis to the sternal notch
    – Restricts forward flexion and encourages posture


    Customized to fit. Approved by licensed fitter under CMS guidelines


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