UAMS Holds Orthopedic Surgery Event

LITTLE ROCK,Ark.–Health experts say there is a shortage of women in Orthopedic Surgery, and to help change that, UAMS gave nearly 40 girls a chance to see what it’s like to be a surgeon.

The event is called the Perry Initiative, named after one of the first female Orthopedics in the nation.

With the help of medical experts, students had a chance to practice stitching on a pig’s foot, learned how to fix a spine, and how to put an external rod on a broken leg.

“Screwing stuff in is the hardest because you have to a lot of strength to push it through the bone and a lot of patience, because you can’t go all the way through it,” Alyssa Linam, Bryant High School said.

This is the fifth year for the event.

Each year, the event invites successful women in the medical field to speak to the girls so they know what it takes to reach their goal in medicine.

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